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Ciasa Medalghes

Spring in Longiarù

In spring everything is a discovery, a surprise, an awakening. The mountains, wrapped by an enchanting and mysterious aura, greet happily the beginning of the new annual cycle. This is the best time to regain, together with the nature, new forces, to revive your desire of dreaming, to get inspired through hiking or riding your mountain bike across the colourful flowered meadows.
  • Explore the nature
  • Explore the nature

Explore the nature

The fascination of the mountain slopes around Longiarù covered with a thick carpet of rhododendrons can’t be compared to any other emotion. It’s an unmissable and unforgettable spectacle that can be contemplated along the numerous hiking trails and MTB tracks that cross the entire Badia Valley, allowing to admire with curiosity the impressive floral changes according to the altitude.
  • Discover our culture
  • Discover our culture
  • Discover our culture

Discover our culture

It’s outside the high-season hustle, that you can admire the real life of the Badia Valley. There are no tourist events, the museums are partially closed and the eyes, undistracted, catch the most natural and characteristic glimpses than ever: farmers preparing for their summer works; cattle getting impatient in the cowsheds with every breath of the heady spring air; picturesque festive processions with typical costumes and centuries-old traditions.
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