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Summer in Longiarù in Badia Valley

In summer Longiarù and its surroundings offer a plenty of activities: panoramic walks, hikes, trekking and mountain bike tours of any difficulty level alternate with different cultural events and performances. One of the most popular routes of the Badia Valley is the Roda dles Viles (a walk among the “Viles”, traditional rural settlements of the Ladins) that passes through the famous Valley of Mills.
  • Explore the nature
  • Explore the nature
  • Explore the nature
  • Explore the nature

Explore the nature

In summer the Valley of Longiarù is a symbol of natural splendour, with multi-coloured flower carpets in the mountains, with dense forests in the valley, full of mushrooms and berries. Explore this stunning beauty along the various trails that wind towards Mount Putia and towards the Nature Park Puez-Odle/Geisler leading to Genova mountain hut, to the Funes/Villnöss Valley, to Val Gardena and to many other spectacular destinations.
  • Discover our culture
  • Discover our culture

Discover our culture

To discover the rich Ladin culture, visit the Ladin Museum Ciastel de Tor and the Institute for Ladin culture Micurà de Rü in San Martino in Badia, just 6 km away from Longiarù. But also Longiarù itself, with its typical scenery, with the Valley of Mills and the traditional rural “viles”, represents a real open-air museum, where the past and the present times are mixed in a unique und inimitable way.
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