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Ciasa Medalghes

Autumn in Longiarù

Absolute tranquillity, limpid and fresh air and a rich palette of autumn-dressedtrees… In autumn, the Valley of Longiarù radiates some very special charm, to soak up through trekking and MTB rides. Cattle turns back from mountain pastures, haylofts are choke-full and the peaks of the Dolomites start turning white with the first snowfalls – people and nature get ready to the arrival of another winter.
  • Explore the nature
  • Explore the nature
  • Explore the nature

Explore the nature

Autumn is the right time to remain tête-à-tête with the alpine nature. The summer season is over and the desert paths convey the feeling of infinite freedom, as if all this fascinating mountain world were here just for you and you were the only ones to discover it. Larches shine all around in their golden mantles, creating a peaceful and solemn atmosphere for all your walks and hikes.
  • Discover our culture
  • Discover our culture

Discover our culture

Autumn is also rich in impressions, that reveal the secrets of the Ladin story and culture. Picturesque celebrations of the cattle’s return from the mountain pastures and guided tours to the Valley of Mills and along the Trail of Viles.

By the way, if you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to taste the specialities of the traditional Ladin cuisine, simple and flavoursome, prepared with the freshest local ingredients. Ask the owners of the Farm for advice…
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